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Hair Basic Cource

Our talanted hair specialists are ready to share their secrets and all the knowledge they posess. Do not loose this opportunity, it’s worth it, trust us.

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Brow Lamination and tint

Stain Hybrid Brow Dye & Brow Lamination

Discover Satin Hybrid Brow Dye – a dream come true for perfect, long-lasting brow coloring. This unique dye combines Henna’s richness with the tint’s simplicity, offering enduring results. It leaves a powerful stain on both the skin (up to ten days) and brow hairs (up to six weeks). Choose from nine colors personalized to your face through precise measurements.  

Designed for lash and brow professionals, our Hybrid Dye allows color mixing for a personalized, defined look. Unlike Henna, it provides versatility in creating unique shades based on your preferences.  

Pairing seamlessly with the Hybrid Dye is Brow Lamination, a groundbreaking brow-shaping technique that imparts a lifted, uniform shape lasting 4-6 weeks. Originating from Russia, it straightens and sets brow hair, resulting in fuller, stylish brows that endure up to two months.  

During Brow Lamination, a lifting cream softens the hairs, enabling straightening, followed by a neutralizing cream to set them in place. The process is painless, taking 30-40 minutes, delivering fuller, thicker-looking brows akin to Cara Delevingne’s iconic style.  

Post-lamination, your brows stay in shape throughout the day without the need for gel. With a lifespan of six to eight weeks, brow lamination suits all brow types. Whether thick or thin, this technique, combined with tinting, achieves the sought-after full, feathery look, providing the bold shape you’ve always desired.  

Transform your brow in just 30 minutes with our expert brow specialists using advanced brow lamination and tint techniques. Our skilled professionals use premium wax infused with protective oils to ensure a flawless treatment with minimal redness and no hair breakage. Following the brow wax treatment, revel in the result of defined brow color and style, perfectly complementing the shape of your face. Our innovative brow lamination service is proven to fill gaps between brows, allowing precise grooming for a perfect shape. With the flexibility to brush the hair for various looks, your brows are not fixed in one position, providing versatility and a polished appearance.

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Stain Hybrid Brow Dye & Brow Lamination 

Our Liquid Dye was already a hit, but we’ve taken it a step further by infusing it with Keratin, delivering the most intense stain and protection, revitalization, and nourishment for the brow hair. Say goodbye to over-coloring and hello to vibrant, healthy brows.

Brow lamination is a cosmetic beauty treatment designed to enhance the shape and appearance of eyebrows. During the brow lamination process, the brow hairs are chemically relaxed and set in a desired direction, creating a sleek and groomed look. This treatment is particularly beneficial for individuals with unruly or sparse eyebrows, as it helps to create a fuller and more defined brow shape.

Our Comprehensive Package Offers:  

Hybrid Brow Dye: our Liquid Dye has already been a hit, and we’ve now added Keratin to it. This infusion delivers the most intense stain and protection, revitalization, and nourishment for the brow hair. You can now say goodbye to over-coloring and enjoy vibrant, healthy brows

Brow Lamination: This treatment is ideal for people who have sparse or unruly eyebrows. Brow lamination helps to create a fuller and more defined brow shape by chemically relaxing and setting the brow hairs in a desired direction.

Waxing and Shaping: To complete the look, we provide precise waxing and shaping services. Our professionals will sculpt your brows to perfection, ensuring symmetry and enhancing your facial features.  

With our bundled services, achieve bold, defined, and long-lasting brows that boost your confidence and overall appearance. Embrace the future of brow enhancement with Ely-G Eyelash Extensions and Relaxing Spa.

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